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The Nike Dunks are one of the manufacturer's most iconic and desired models, but it wasn't always like this. Designed by Peter Moore, the history of the model began more than 35 years ago (1985). At its debut, the line was designed for college basketball players with colorways that matched the colors of the jersey. In the beginning, the Dunk did not find great success among players also because at that time it was a bit overshadowed by the iconic Jordan 1. Nike Dunk was born as a graft between the Jordan 1 model, Air force 1 and the Terminator. In response to their lack of success the shoe was reworked as a skate shoe. Skaters appreciated this model because of its shape, sole and tongue. Gradually the model is increasingly sought after thanks to strategic collaborations and major clothing brands. The advertising campaigns have contributed to the success of the Dunk line. In 2005 the collaboration with Jeff Staple arrives and the Nike SB Dunk Pigeon is born. Only 150 pairs were produced and the release took place in New York, the shoes were immediately successful with lines of people outside the shops waiting to be able to get a pair. This episode led to quite a media hype. At the end of 2022, this model reached a record sales figure of around $35,000. 

nike sb dunk low nyc pigeon

The Nike Dunk today is perhaps one of the most iconic shoes imprinted in the minds of fans, an icon of style and street couture worn by the most famous artists.

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